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Tucker Tub Country Style Pet Food

Important message

Our courier service will be on Xmas holidays from

24th Dec 2020 to 22nd Jan 2021

There will be NO Online deliveries available during this time

Orders can still be placed for delivery from 25th Jan 2021

Wishing you all a great Xmas!

Welcome to the Tucker Tub Pet Food Online Site.

We service Melbourne and Metro areas ONLY,

Assorted Tucker Tub Pet FoodFor Victorian country areas, please go to www.tuckertub.com and check if we service your area.

Tucker Tub Pet Food specialise in producing prime quality, all natural pet food of the highest and freshest standards.

There are NO ADDED Chemicals or Preservatives.

       NO Whole grains,  Minimal Salt and LOW Gluten

Our pet food is snap frozen to seal in the freshness.

We have a range of Cooked pet food, Raw pet food, Dry food, Treats and Rewards.

Many thanks for having a look at our products.

DeliveryDelivery Charges..

$24 Delivery charge for orders up to $35

$15 Delivery charge for orders over $35 up to $80

FREE Delivery for orders over $80.....